We are a group of top experts from Israel's leading seed companies.

Our team

Amit Schwartz


CEO & Marketing Manager Previously VP Marketing Hazera

Dr. Nissim Yonash

R&D Manager

Nissim Yonash holds a Ph.D. in Genetics with over 25 years of breeding experience and 12 years in academia

Dr. Ehud Kopeliovitch


Breeding Consultant Member of the Faculty of Agriculture’s tomato R&D team. Breeder of some of the worlds’ most successful tomato varieties.

Eytan Livneh

Operation Manager

Previously Production Manager Hazera

Dr. Irit Gilan


Breeder, Previously breeder at Hazera

Uri Nishri

Production Manager

Brurya Malka

Breeding Assistant

Breeding support, Previously breeder support at Hazera

Tamar Akler


Tomato Breeder, previously Tomato breeder at Zeraim Gedera

Anat Horesh


Years of experience in administration management, book kipping, and support & consultation to employees and managers.

Niran Rahamim

Breeding Assistant

Tomato Breeder support, previously breeder support at Aquinom.